Need reliable infrastructure for IoT?
New hybrid security model

A hybrid between a centralized and decentralized architecture.

A device to install at your building co-administers your encryption keys.

Every operation is verified by both the central server and the device at your building.

Hacking only one of them doesn't compromise the security.

The advantages of the cloud with the privacy of a private network

Your data always encrypted on origin.

We don't have access to your data. Your data belongs to you.

Personal data regulations (GDPR & HIPAA) compliance.

In an extreme case you can even switch off your device and your data in the network is off.

Easy setup with our SDK

Setup an IoT project easily just following our tutorials.

Complete flexibility for your IoT project. You can integrate any third-party available technology.

Build easily your own gateways with any micro-controller and our software.

Compatibility with any additional IoT platform through open standards.

Start a project for free, then pay by use if you need more resources.

You can test our services for free with any of our plans. The number of messages per day is actually limited to 300 per day and 1,000 per month. Contact us if you want to use Oficloud in a real case scenario.