Get all the benefits of the cloud with peace of mind about security.

Oficloud is

scalable. practical. reliable. unexpensive. safe.

Enjoy secure storage and sharing without the risk of hacks, leaks or government surveillance.
What makes us different?
New hybrid security model

A hybrid between a centralized and decentralized system.

You get a device to install at your office which co-administers your encryption keys.

Every operation is verified by both the central server and the device at your office.

Hacking only one of them doesn't compromise the security.

The advantages of the cloud with the privacy of a private network

Your data always encrypted on origin.

We don't have access to your data. Your data belongs to you.

Personal data regulations (GDPR & HIPAA) compliance.

In an extreme case you can even switch off your device and your data in the network is off.

File Sharing, Backup and Recovery

You can administer your files from any device from anywhere in the world.

With Oficloud Sync you can sync any folder in your computer so that any file you drop there is automatically synced to the cloud.

Version history and up to 120 days for deletion recovery.

Social Network

Share ideas with your team with 100% privacy guarantee.

You can create private channels for every department and/or channels for all your employees.

Includes an open channel open to all Oficloud users but in which your data are protected by your own device.

Private Messaging System

Replace email with a secure and private alternative.

Your messages always encrypted and only the sender and the receiver can read them.

Send files easily without email limitations and full privacy guarantee.

Get the most out of Oficloud with a plan.
25 GB Storage
Up to 5 users
300 GB transfer limit
Max file size of 1,250 MB
30 days file recovery
e-Mail support
150 GB Storage
Up to 100 users (1 minimum)
No transfer limit
Max file size of 3,000 MB
60 days file recovery
e-Mail support
user/month (VAT excluded)
1,000 GB Storage
Unlimited users (3 minimum)
No transfer limit
Max file size of 4,000 MB
90 days file recovery
e-Mail support
user/month (VAT excluded)
10,000 GB Storage
Unlimited users (15 minimum)
No transfer limit
Max file size of 25,000 MB
120 days file recovery
e-Mail & online chat support
user/month (VAT excluded)

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