Get all the benefits of the cloud with peace of mind about security.

Oficloud is

scalable. practical. reliable. unexpensive. safe.

Enjoy secure storage and sharing without the risk of hacks, leaks or government surveillance.
What makes us different?
E2E encryption
Complete E2E encryption by default. We never have access to or control of your data. Your data can only be decrypted in coordination with your private server, and we only manage encrypted data.
2 layers of security
Hackers and data thieves must gain access to your private server, as well as our servers to access data.
File Recovery, Backup and Protection
With our software, you’ll enjoy 120 days of version history and deletion recovery – that’s some serious peace of mind. You don’t even need help from your IT team to replace recover deleted files or access older versions of your files.
Collaboration, Sharing and Storage on Your Terms
Most cloud services force you to do things their way. Not us. We believe that you should control your data, where and how it’s shared, who has access to it, and more. Whether you’re communicating with international partners on a collaborative project, working with an in-house team, or simply storing vital data for future access, Oficloud can help.
Secure storage Anywhere, Anysize

We’re on the go more often than ever before. At the same time, the need for access to business-critical data from locations outside the traditional office has become more and more apparent.

Oficloud’s mobile solution ensures that you can do what you want, when you want, where you want. It’s really as simple as that.

Get the most out of Oficloud with a plan.
25 GB Storage
Up to 5 users
300 GB transfer limit
Max file size of 1,250 MB
30 days file recovery
e-Mail support
150 GB Storage
Up to 100 users (1 minimum)
No transfer limit
Max file size of 3,000 MB
60 days file recovery
e-Mail support
3.95   1.95
user/month (VAT excluded)
1,000 GB Storage
Unlimited users (3 minimum)
No transfer limit
Max file size of 4,000 MB
90 days file recovery
e-Mail support
user/month (VAT excluded)
10,000 GB Storage
Unlimited users (15 minimum)
No transfer limit
Max file size of 25,000 MB
120 days file recovery
e-Mail & online chat support
user/month (VAT excluded)

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